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Star rating on the cards for restaurants in Cyprus

Restaurants in Cyprus will be getting a star rating so that the quality of leisure centres is improved, under an action plan drawn up by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

The thinking behind it is that since star classification for hotels works and the customer knows the standard he/she will get, the same should apply to restaurants as well.

The deputy ministry plans to implement changes in the quality system of the island’s gastronomy since it considers the existing framework of operation of recreational centres to be in need of modernisation.

Deputy Minister Savvas Perdios said this is part of a new strategy to be implemented and which will focus on specific forms of tourism – one of them is based on gastronomy.

Cypriot cuisine has a rich tradition with well-known appetisers and specific products such as halloumi, baby taro (poulles) etc. The strategy aims to highlight this tradition and to encourage businessmen in the catering sector to upgrade their services.

In a statement to Phileleftheros, Perdios also said his ministry will focus on upgrading the quality of gastronomy in Cyprus. “We are not satisfied with the existing legislative framework of leisure centres. We are working on a revised framework which is expected to be completed within the year so as to send it to the Legal Services for review and then to parliament for approval.”

The goal of the deputy ministry is for the star rating system for hotels (depending on the quality and services they provide), to also apply to restaurants. “Prices should be differentiated, depending on whether a restaurateur wants to have plastic chairs or not,” Perdios also said.

At the same time, another aspect that will be included in the new framework is the degree of hygiene at restaurants. “It is something Britain has done successfully. The customer chooses where to go according to the quality provided,” he added.

Moreover, even hotels do offer ‘Cypriot’ breakfast, the deputy ministry aims to further promote it. That’s why the  May 6-12  has been designated as breakfast and brunch week and the deputy ministry has called on hotels as well as on foreign and local tourists to participate.

“It is an opportunity for us, the locals, to also experience this and promote it on social media,” Perdios said.

Within this framework, an International street food festival is organised in November, followed by another in January.

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