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SCORDIS, PAPAPETROU & Co LLC-Quality services in Cyprus and internationally

Personalization of services for each and every client so as to achieve a closer working relation




SCORDIS, PAPAPETROU & Co LLC (“SP&Co”) is a Lawyers’ Limited Liability Company regulated by the Cyprus Law Council and the Cyprus Bar Association, providing services to clients both in Cyprus and worldwide. It was established in 1973 as a result of the merger of the practice of its founding members, Andis Scordis and Michalis Papapetrou. In 2011 SP&Co merged with Adamos K. Adamides & Co, a law firm based in Limassol, and in 2018 with Michaelides & Michaelides, also a Limassol based law firm yet one of the oldest law firms in Cyprus (established in 1922 by the late Andreas G. Michaelides in Famagusta, where it was operating until 1974).

Building on the first successful merger in 2011 and the co-founding in 2012 of SPA Financial Services Ltd, a successful licensed financial services company, the latest merger enhances the multi-faceted practice of the firms, creates synergies and joins practices, as well as lawyers and other professionals.

SP&Co looks to the future with confidence on the basis of nearly two centuries, in the aggregate, of history, practice and expertise and an enviable mixture of lawyers and other professionals, who share common culture, vision and a reputation for excellence. SP&Co and its affiliates comprise currently of more than 36 advocates and legal consultants, 16 in-house qualified professionals of related disciplines and approximately 55 paralegal, administrative and other personnel throughout its offices in Nicosia, Limassol, Moscow, Athens and Valletta.

The corporate & commercial practice of SP&Co is best known for servicing high-profile local and international clients in complex or pioneering and precedent-setting matters, whilst providing ongoing advice to prominent local and international companies. SP&Co has acted and advised on a multitude of multi-million financial transactions, most with a cross-border element and the provision of specialised advice on a variety of corporate and commercial matters forms part of its day-to-day practice. Such matters include corporate finance (including syndicated loans), venture capital, corporate mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations, real estate investments, joint ventures, escrow arrangements, and other complex (local or cross-border) commercial and corporate transactions.

SP&Co handles both local and international litigation and arbitration for high profile clients within Cyprus and across the world, whilst our lawyers have appeared on behalf of clients before court tribunals from New York to Siberia. Apart from its longstanding strong general domestic litigation practice which includes acting on behalf of banks and other financial institutions, municipalities, public bodies, companies and individuals, SP&Co has established a ‘beyond the borders’ reputation having acted, instructed or advised in relation to international multi-million claims resulting in litigation in Cyprus, the US, UK, BVI, Switzerland, Russia, Greece or arbitration in Cyprus, London (LCIA), Zurich (ZCC), Stockholm (SCC), International Court of Arbitration (France), International Chamber of Commerce, Moscow (ICAC) and Athens (ACCI). Our international practice includes numerous highly publicised and hotly contested litigation and arbitration cases.

Furthermore, SP&Co is a leader in the field of corporate support services and in the establishment and organization of corporate structures for cross-border investments. A wide range of services, including corporate, tax & VAT advisory, accounting, secretarial, banking support, escrow and trusteeship services, is provided by SCORDIS, PAPAPETROU & Co (Corporate Services) Ltd and other group entities through in-house tax consultants, accountants and other qualified professionals who deal with the day-to-day needs of our clients.

Our quality of services is accomplished by a precise and clearly defined structure of responsibilities within the firm leading up to the partners. At the same time the firm is very careful in choosing its members at every level. Members are also encouraged and expected to participate in seminars and training sessions in their field both in Cyprus and abroad. One important element of the high standards enjoyed by our firm is the loyalty shown by the firm to all its members, which in turn is reciprocated by the members themselves. This element, to which the partners of the firm attach the greatest importance, is the result of close inter-personal relationships within the firm and an understanding attitude towards the members’ individual requirements.

Finally, at SP&Co we appreciate the importance of always being at the forefront of technological advances and modern methods of work continuously improving efficiency and service to its clients.

Our approach encompasses the importance of establishing a close working relationship between client and lawyers of the firm. We believe that the best way to achieve this is through the personalisation of our services. This is done by viewing the parameters and circumstances of each case separately and giving advice tailored to the individual case in hand. At the same time our advice is given intelligibly and, in a language, readily comprehensible by our client who may not be versed in the intricacies of legal terminology of the legal profession. We believe that our advice, especially in a fast-changing business environment, should be given swiftly, and in full awareness of the business context.

The wide range of services provided by SP&Co is in line with the role of Cyprus as an international business centre, having the advantage of being an EU member state with close proximity to the Middle East and close ties to Eastern Europe and Asia.

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