InsiderBusinessRSM CYPRUS: "Love show" with social messages

RSM CYPRUS: “Love show” with social messages

The music performance organised by the audit firm RSM Cyprus on Thursday, October 3 at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol, was crowned with great success.

The event was held in the context of the RSM World Day, which is celebrated simultaneously at the company’s 750 offices in 115 countries.

Members of the “Memory and Creative Expression Centre Moysis Stylianou” of the Cyprus Third Age Observatory, Mario’s Home, RSM staff and professional dancers and musicians who offered their services freely,  participated in this exceptional performance, sending the message that we are all equal despite our physical and mental state or our age.

In his message, the Managing Director of RSM Cyprus Mr George Themistocleous stressed that “our goal is to create and see the bigger picture – which is the motto of this year’s RSM World Day. Let’s make it bigger by our doings.

“Within this picture, everyone has a prominent place and role to play. Let us listen to the problems of these vulnerable groups and help them by creating a suitable and decent living environment, for which we will feel good and proud as members of this society and set an example for the generations to come.”

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