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Restrictions in casino games advertising

Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission has issued the final directive on the advertising and promotion of Casino Games – something that Limassol’s Integrated Casino Resort should adhere to and follow-up.

The island’s first integrated casino resort “City Of Dreams Mediterranean” is expected to open its doors in 2021.

Among the provisions of the directive is that the Casino operator should not request or direct television stations to broadcast any gambling advertisements between 06:00-23:00.

And when gambling advertisements are broadcast between 23:00 and 06:00, these should not be during or immediately prior to or after children’s programmes or those directed at or likely to be of particular interest to children. The same applies to radio stations.

In addition, internet and social media advertisements should not target anyone under the age of 21.

And marketing promotion on websites should not disparage the reputation of either the Integrated Resort Casino or the Republic of Cyprus or its agencies.

At the same time, advertisements displayed on billboards should be within 300 metres of schools, playgrounds, sports centres and in general at venues where the primary audience is expected to be persons under the age of 21.

As for Casino-related promotional material this should include a message for responsible gaming in a bid to avoid addictive syndromes. The Casino should also inform the Supervision Commission promptly and in detail about possible complaints received regarding advertisements for promotional campaigns.

The consultation party included the National Betting Authority, the Cyprus Broadcasting Authority, the Advertising Control Agency, the Cyprus Communication Advertising Association, the Cyprus Advertiser Association and the National Addictions Authority of Cyprus.

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