InsiderBusinessPHOTOS PHOTIADES GROUP-A dynamically growing organisation

PHOTOS PHOTIADES GROUP-A dynamically growing organisation

Spanning for almost eight decades, the Photos Photiades Group has always been an extrovert business and an innovative organisation, rewarded over time for that dynamism and social contribution.

Marking a steadfastly upward course, the Group has managed to expand beyond Cyprus and develop itself into an international Cyprus business ambassador.

It has become one of the fastest developing Cypriot business organization.

Securing the Carlsberg brand was not an easy task. After no less than five years of tough negotiations with Carlsberg Denmark, Phots Photiades secured the first license to produce the beer outside the Scandinavian country, a great success.

The rest is history that can be read in detail here:

(An academic recording that makes history, supported by RCB)

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