InsiderBusinessPetrolina sponsors 10 km Energy Race Limassol Marathon

Petrolina sponsors 10 km Energy Race Limassol Marathon

Cypriot petroleum company Petrolina made a strong contribution to the organisation of the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO, by participating and sponsoring the “Petrolina 10 km Energy Race”, and being one of the event’s most active partners, for yet another year.

The high point of Petrolina’s presence this year was the mass participation of its personnel’s athletics team, the Petrolina Energy Team, led by its ambassador Constantinos Charalambides, former international footballer and chairman of the volunteer-charity organisation “Goal in Life”.

Petrolina Energy Team raced to support efforts to create an Accidents and Emergencies Department at Nicosia’s Makarios Hospital. Contributions for this goal were made via the Give and Gain platform.

Petrolina supported this great celebration of athletics as Race Sponsor of the “Petrolina 10 km Energy Race”, on Sunday, March 24, 2019.

The Petrolina 10km Energy Race is one of the most popular races of the event, combining speed with the strategy required in long-distance running. Furthermore, on Saturday, March 23, during Petrolina Energy Day, Petrolina upped the tempo at the Marathon Village, both with music from DJs and through exercise courses by fitness coaches, who also gave nutrition advice.

Inspired by the ideals and values of Athleticism, as well as Volunteerism, Petrolina always supports important events that promote Cyprus.

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