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Not even 1% of cars in Cyprus are electric/hybrid

Just 0.85% of cars registered in Cyprus in 2017 were either electric or hybrid, according to a Eurostat report which also showed that a total of 262 million cars were registered that year throughout Europe. Of them, only two million or 0.8% were hybrid or electric ones.

However, the report does show a steady increase in the number of registered electric and hybrid electric cars in recent years, considering the fact that 2017’s number – two million – was dramatically higher than the one recorded in 2013 which was only 0.2 million.

Among the EU member states for which figures are available, there were five countries with more than one per cent of their registered cars either electric or hybrid electric. These are Sweden (2.4%), Poland (1.9%), the UK (1.5%), France (1.4%) and Belgium (1.2%).  Countries with a close to zero share are Croatia, Czech and Latvia.

In Cyprus, there were 526,617 registered electric/hybrid vehicles in 2017 compared to 508,284 in 2016, 487,692 in 2015, 478,492 in 2014 and 474,561 in 2013. Of all such vehicles, 442,623 were gasoline and 83,505 diesel in 2017.

At the same time, oil-fueled vehicles have risen steeply in recent years, with 50,478 recorded in 2013, 54,870 in 2014, 601592 in 2015 and 70,264 in 2016.

The EU’s goal and big challenge is to significantly increase the numbers by 2030, to 30 per cent or even 40 per cent.

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