InsiderBusinessNew Profiler published on large-scale projects in Cyprus

New Profiler published on large-scale projects in Cyprus

In a move to promote Cyprus as an ideal investment destination, the Large Investment Projects Association has published and circulated on the international markets a new Profiler for large-scale investment projects with a total value of €8b.

The primary objective of the new Profiler is to enhance the business environment of Cyprus and attract foreign direct investment, which is necessary for the completion and development of specific projects. The 21 large-scale development projects presented in the Profiler include among other, golf courses, high-rise buildings, mixed development projects, hotels as well as villas. This edition includes projects that represent 18 member-companies of the Association.

In a statement the President of the Large Investment Projects Association, Andreas Demetriades, underlined that “many of the projects that the Profiler includes, are at an advanced stage, allowing for their completion in a short period of time”. At the same time, he noted that “the implementation of these projects will enhance and upgrade our tourism product while also creating over 9,000 jobs”.

With its active presence in business forums abroad, the Association of Large Investment Projects systematically highlights the business environment that Cyprus attracts as an investment destination. The members of the Association share a common vision; to shape Cyprus into a modern regional hub through the promotion and implementation of large-scale private development projects, thereby contributing to the country’s economic growth.

You can find the electronic version of the Profiler in the link below:

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