InsiderBusinessNew espresso blends at Alphamega Hypermarkets’ cafeterias

New espresso blends at Alphamega Hypermarkets’ cafeterias



Alphamega Hypermarkets are investing in the coffee culture that has grown significantly in Cyprus over these past few years, making sure to offer high-quality coffee at their cafeterias, in all the cities where they operate.

In particular, the company has imported new espresso blends (premium and selective), which are roasted in Cyprus, making sure it offers superior coffee in its cafeterias. In fact, the cafeteria staff have received special training in order to prepare high-quality coffees.

Throughout the entire month of July, Alphamega Hypermarkets, will give its visitors the opportunity to try the new espresso blends of Alphamega’s cafeterias and take advantage of the 1 + 1 offer. Coffee lovers, after completing their shopping, can make a stop at the cafeteria and enjoy their favourite espresso, and get another one free of charge. Cypriot coffee, filter coffee, frappe and instant coffee are excluded from the offer.

In statements, the Chief Operating Officer of Alphamega Hypermarkets, Andreas Panagi pointed out that the modern Cypriot consumer is fully informed and especially demanding and selective as it comes to buying coffee. “Acknowledging and meeting the growing needs of the consumers, are the key elements that guide every aspect of our operation and decisions at Alphamega Hypermarkets. In this context, and with a view to offer an upgraded coffee experience, we have introduced two new espresso blends, which will undoubtedly satisfy even the most demanding coffee lovers”, he added.

July at Alphamega Hypermarkets smells like…espresso and in fact, a double one!

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