InsiderBusinessMelco affirms commitment to responsible gaming

Melco affirms commitment to responsible gaming

Melco, the operator of the Cyprus Casinos (C2) and the upcoming Integrated Casino Resort, City of Dreams Mediterranean, the only licensed casinos in Cyprus, has been actively demonstrating its commitment to responsible gaming while continuing to offer the highest standards of service and ensuring a fair and safe gaming experience for its guests, which is a Melco global hallmark.

Aiming to inform the public about responsible gaming and their support programs, Melco and C2 participated in the second Responsible Gaming Awareness Week (RGAW), organised by the National Betting Authority and the Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission from October 7 to 13.

As part of RGAW, the Head of Regulatory Compliance of Melco Cyprus,  Isobel John, participated in the Responsible Gaming Conference 2019 and presented C2’s Responsible Gaming Policy.  C2 organised a promotional outdoor event at the La Boca restaurant at Columbia Plaza in Limassol, raising public awareness about responsible gaming and sharing leaflets on C2’s Responsible Gaming Policy.

Another workshop was subsequently organised by C2, with the company’s executives delivering a presentation on responsible gaming at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Furthermore, at the end of the week, C2 organised a bigger event at Molos in Limassol, informing the public on responsible gaming. The deputy Mayor of Limassol Nikos Sykas and the CEO of the Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission Nick Tofiluk attended the event and gave a short speech.

Addressing the event,  Sykas said, “Cyprus Casinos has an important role to play in changing the habits of Cypriot citizens towards gaming. The casino should be considered as a place for entertainment and not a way to become rich. By following the C2’s responsible gaming policy and with the launch of the integrated casino-resort City of Dreams Mediterranean in 2021, that will offer a variety of entertainment choices besides the casino, I am confident that the gaming culture of the Cypriots will be positively affected”.

Tofiluk stated that, “The events of the Responsible Gaming Awareness Week, have again highlighted the need for communication and cooperation between gambling providers, regulators and others who are striving to manage the risk of harm that can result from uncontrolled gambling. The casino law provides clear requirements for the Commission as the regulator and the casino to work on establishing a safe gambling offer and enable well-informed customers to make decisions about their gaming”.

Commenting on C2’s participation in RGAW, the Property President of City of Dreams Mediterranean and Cyprus Casinos, Craig Ballantyne, said that Melco’s core aim is to give its guests, the best possible entertainment experience. He added that this is why responsible gaming is a top priority for Cyprus Casinos and lies at the heart of the company’s activities. “We believe that responsible gaming, allows everyone to keep the game fun. Melco continues to promote and raise awareness on responsible gaming both internally and externally through its best-in-class and pre-emptive strategies, in order to build a healthier and more viable society,” he concluded.


C2 Responsible Gaming Policy

Internally, Cyprus Casinos hosts a wide range of activities and training courses for employees to better understand and further promote the message of responsible gaming. Furthermore, Cyprus Casinos provides various options helping its customers set their own limits and play responsibly. Customers can voluntarily limit the time they spend playing at the casino, the money they can spend as well as the maximum number of visits they can make to the casino in a month. One of the most important responsible gaming tools is self-exclusion. Customers can ask to be excluded from entering one or all Cyprus Casinos for a period of six months or take a time-out from gaming for a specific period of time.

C2 operates in strict compliance with the Cypriot law and relevant regulations, demonstrating Melco’s ongoing commitment to the highest standards of service, quality and responsible gaming. It should be noted that according to the law, entrance is only permitted to people over 21 years old.


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