InsiderBusinessLimassol company disinfects PASYKAF premises as part of CSR initiative

Limassol company disinfects PASYKAF premises as part of CSR initiative



As part of Hygeia Disinfecting Services corporate social responsibility strategy to support the community in the fight against COVID-19, the company disinfected the 250 sqm premises of cancer charity PASYKAF headquarters in Limassol with their licensed disinfectant solution.

In addition, Hygeia will continue to donate a percentage of profit from the jobs they complete through their Limassol branch towards the cancer charity. FlowWater Technologies, the creators of the FlowSafe® OSP-5000 Disinfectant solution, in association with Hygeia have donated over 200 bottles of the undiluted non-carcinogenic product for use by PASYKAF’s cancer patients.

Hygeia is a Cypriot based company providing commercial and residential viral disinfection throughout Cyprus.

The company uses FlowSafe OSP-5000 sanitisation solution. “It’s one of the only non-toxic, food-safe and skin-safe licensed biocide disinfectant solutions on the market. We originally created it for the shipping industries drinking-water tanks and we are delighted to now provide it for use in making Cyprus virus-free,” stated Mark Hadfield CEO of FlowWater Technologıes Ltd.

Hygiea’s specialised dual-action machinery both spray’s the disinfectant on surfaces and vacuums the remaining particles at the same time, leaving behind a certified virus-free, long-lasting and cleaned space.

Christiana Stephanou, Head of Customer Relations from Hygeia Disinfecting Services said, “We feel so proud to contribute our services to such a worthy organisation like Pasykaf. We are working hard to do what we can to help our country control this pandemic, so that all of our lives can return back to normal. Helping a charity that works so hard to offer patients a normal life entirely reflects our company ethos, so if we can provide additional safety and peace of mind to this vulnerable group, we are delighted to be doing something positive.”

Pasykaf, Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends is a voluntary, non-profit charity. They help support cancer patients all over Cyprus to maintain an as-close-to-normal life as possible with regards to their mental and physiological needs.

“We are extremely grateful for Hygeia’s visit today. They are so professional in their operation, from their safety uniforms to how they even sprayed our outdoor areas. The place is absolutely spotless and just knowing that there is no virus on any surfaces really offers us such a feeling of relief and safety. We are also so thankful for their donations,’ said Maria Botsari, Pasykaf Limassol District Manager.

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