InsiderBusinessLavar Shipping successfully completes Leviathan contract

Lavar Shipping successfully completes Leviathan contract

Cyprus company Lavar Shipping, a member of the RPT Group, were awarded the shore base contract for the receipt, inspection, storage and despatch of pipe joints and equipment for the Leviathan Field Development project.

The project involved receiving at Larnaca Port, more than 45,000 x 12.3 metres long API5L pipe joints with a combined mass in excess of 105,000 tons. These pipe joints arrived in fifteen separate deliveries from Italy, Greece and Argentina and were unloaded from the vessels and placed onto trucks / trailers and then driven to a dedicated inspection area and from there to the Lavar Shipping designed lay down yard.

Lavar Shipping were also awarded the contract to manage the shore-based logistics activities of the pipe laying contractor whereby they coordinated the shipping of equipment, pipe joints, consumables and provisions to the offshore installation vessel(s) at each planned stage of the project. The project was fulfilled within budget, within time and completely incident free from a health and safety perspective.

RPT group chairman Reginos Tsanos said this was a complex process requiring expertise and sophisticated equipment, great attention to detail, rigorous preparation and proper execution.

Cyprus fulfils all the requirements needed to become an energy hub, especially if the appropriate infrastructure is ensured.  He praised on behalf of the RPT Group, those who worked and collaborated for the success of the project that in turn promotes Cyprus as an emerging energy hub at a time when important energy infrastructure is being developed in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Indeed, Larnaca Port has emerged as a key importance for the execution of this project.

RPT Group has expanded its operations over the last few years, and especially in the field of hydrocarbon exploitation, developing important partnerships and creating very promising prospects for the future.”




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