InsiderBusinessInvest Cyprus promotes Cyprus in India

Invest Cyprus promotes Cyprus in India

As part of efforts to foster economic and trade ties between Commonwealth countries and to attract foreign direct investment, Invest Cyprus (Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency) participated in the Vibrant Gujarat 2019 Global Investment Summit, held in India from January 18 to 20, 2019.

The Global Investment Summit, which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, was attended by over 45,000 delegates from over 100 countries, including Heads of States and prominent international business figures.

It provided a platform for dialogue and brainstorming on global socio-economic development, while also offering the opportunity to network and explore promising partnership opportunities.

Invest Cyprus was represented by Nicolas Theocharides, Board Member and Chairman of the Promotion Committee of Invest Cyprus and Marios Tannousis, Deputy Director General of the Organisation.

In the context of the Summit, Invest Cyprus hosted a country-dedicated session, placing Cyprus on the global investment map to a number of distinguished businessmen and potential investors.

Invest Cyprus highlighted Cyprus’ advantages as an attractive investment destination and particularly as an ideal option for the establishment of a corporate base, and presented  attractive investment opportunities in key sectors of the economy, such as investment funds, shipping, innovation and the audiovisual industry.

Offering access to the EU and other high-growth markets, and featuring an attractive tax regime, high calibre human talent and an enviable lifestyle, Cyprus aspires to attract international investors seeking an alternative destination where doing business is simple, easy and cost-effective.

The Invest Cyprus delegation also held private meetings with Indian investors who expressed interest in regional headquartering and establishing investment funds activities on the island. They also expressed interest in the sectors of real estate, industry, renewable energy and processing of agricultural products. The Agency’s goal is to attract investments, which will contribute substantially to long-term economic growth.

As a strategic partner of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC), Invest Cyprus also participated in all the functions of the Council and held private meetings with its Chairman, Lord Marland, and CEO, Alan Gemmell, exploring ways to capitalise on Cyprus’ competitive advantages as an EU and Commonwealth member and especially on opportunities arising from Brexit.

Cyprus has all the necessary requirements to serve as an alternative EU base for companies seeking to move their headquarters or part of their activities from the UK to another EU country, in order to retain access to the European Single Market.

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