InsiderBusinessHydroscot Energies introduce exciting water solution to Cyprus

Hydroscot Energies introduce exciting water solution to Cyprus

Hydroscot Energies Ltd have introduced an exciting water solution to Cyprus.

Forseven  years, Zero Mass Water of USA Phoenix Arizona have been developing SOURCE technology.

Whatever the demand, home or work place, Source can be scaled to meet your requirements.

A SOURCE HYDROPANEL will create over 5 litres of Ozonated, Mineralised, & PH balanced drinking water per summer sunshine day.Each HYDROPANEL has a 30-litre storage capacity, acting as a buffer for those days when there is no requirement & delivering plenty when needed. Requiring only 3sq metre of space per HYDROPANEL this is a small amount for the 1000’s of litres produced. Typically 2 HYDROPANELS service a household.

Own Your Water! Harvested from the beautiful sun and sea air of Cyprus.

All that a HYDROPANEL requires to operate is direct sunlight and air. Both of which Cyprus has an abundance.

The system is completely stand alone, requiring no electrical or piped water input.

SOURCE HYDROPANELS can provide your family or business with delicious, mineralised, drinking water. HYDROPANELS are certified sustainable and CE approved.

The worldwide, patented technology ensures no pollutants from atmosphere can be found in the water.

Using 3G, each system is monitored 24/7 by the company’s expert engineers.  This service is continued throughout the 15-year life time of a Hydropanel.

A free App allows an owner to monitor their water harvest from their fingertips.

Please Contact;  [email protected] or call +357 97905165 more information.


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