InsiderBusinessHellenic to launch mobile bank for remote communities

Hellenic to launch mobile bank for remote communities

Hellenic Bank’s first mobile bank will soon be on road to enhance its branch network by serving remote communities and the countryside, the company said on Tuesday.

The mobile banking unit is a pioneering project designed and carried out in Cyprus by Demades Design Ltd. which has extensive experience in car design and custom projects. The vehicles were completed by a local bus manufacturer.

The vehicle exterior and interior design incorporate environmental and technological innovations, the bank said.

The exterior hosts an ATM while the interior has been designed to offer clients a hospitable, pleasant experience. It features a service desk, seats, air conditioning, special lighting as well as a lift to make it easily accessible for the aged and disabled.

Its solar and electronic systems make it energy-autonomous for more than 15 hours which will allow it to operate without having to link up with an electricity power grid.

“Hellenic Bank’s mobile banking unit is not just a technologically advanced vehicle. It is proof that innovative and advanced projects can be implemented locally and can provide answers to serve society and respect the environment,” said Nicholas Demades, head designer and director of Demades Design Ltd.

Hellenic Bank will announce the itineraries of the mobile banks as soon as the final technical tests are completed.

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