InsiderBusinessHellenic Bank: "For us, your business is personal".

Hellenic Bank: “For us, your business is personal”.

In a period, full of challenges for the Cypriot businesses, Hellenic Bank organized a networking cocktail event for its business customers, at the Ayia Napa Marina Event Center on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 with the slogan “For us, your business is personal”.

More than 250 customers and associates of the Bank attended the event and were given the opportunity to network and share their experience while discussing their challenges and activities. Cypriot businesses are the catalyst of the Cypriot economy; however, the uncertainty and the economic environment of recent years have made their work particularly difficult. To ensure their sustainability, businesses must develop continuously, renew their competitive advantage and be agile in the constantly changing market conditions.

Addressing the business customers, Hellenic Bank’s Chief Banking Officer Mr. Phivos Stasopoulos, emphasized that Hellenic Bank has adopted the “Customer First” approach! “In a continuous effort to serve you as best as possible, we add value, go the extra mile, build timeless and true relationships of trust and respect, in both easy and difficult situations! We want to be your first and ideally your only choice”, he mentioned. As he stated, Hellenic Bank is changing and evolving. “We build on strong, stable foundations, with pillars of capital and liquidity, with professional but also friendly human resource. We grow together, thanks to the preference you show us,” he added.

At Hellenic Bank, the Business Division is an important pillar of its strategy and will continue to finance the Cypriot economy, small and medium as well as large enterprises, enhancing the speed and quality of the service it offers.


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