InsiderBusinessHellenic Bank announces measures to support public and economy amid crisis

Hellenic Bank announces measures to support public and economy amid crisis

Hellenic Bank said on Friday it is deploying a strategic plan to support the public and the economy from the adverse consequences of Covid-19.

As regards the Finance Minister’s decree on a nine-month loan payment suspension, the bank said that customers who have not yet submitted a relevant request can do so whenever they like up to December 31, 2020, and any loan payments withdrawn by the bank from March 30 until the date of the request will be refunded.

The bank also plans to reward its sustainable customers through a plan to boost their liquidity that is being finalised. The plan, the announcement said, aims to to support households, SMEs as well as large businesses to keep them afloat “through this unprecedented crisis”.

In addition, it is implementing fast-track procedures for anyone who wishes to open an account to receive state grants from Covid-19 support schemes. It will also not block funds received from such aid schemes to settle loans or other customer obligations.

Additional measures:

  • Zero interest for credit cards for a period of two months.
  • Zero charges for wiring funds up to €1,000 in Cyprus and Europe, facilitating money transfers to students abroad. 
  • Free issuing of debit cards. 
  • Registration to the bank’s digital channels without visiting branches.
  • Increase of cash deposits at ATMs from 10,000 to 30,000 euros.

Finally, the bank said it will actively support the most vulnerable at this time mentioning its collaboration with the Red Cross and Hope for Children, and is also boosting medical professionals by donating protective gear. At the same time, it said it is in regular communication with the Ministry of Health for any requirements that may emerge.

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