InsiderBusinessHellenic announces transfer of another 4559 CCB accounts

Hellenic announces transfer of another 4559 CCB accounts

Hellenic Bank said on Thursday that after intensive discussions and consultations with the Finance Ministry and the former CCB it had agreed to the transfer of 4559 new overdraft facilities.

These had remained in limbo after they were not included by the CCB in the operations that were transferred to Hellenic at the end of August.

Hellenic Bank said the agreement concerns 4559 overdraft facilities with a total limit of approximately €25 million and a balance of €21 million. Specifically, 3670 facilities concern individuals and 889 concern companies.

In the light of the definitions of ECB, which are also applied by Hellenic Bank, the overdraft facilities were classified as non-performing since they were linked either directly or indirectly to non-performing loan(s).

The facilities will be immediately reactivated, including all other facilities e.g. standing orders, cheque books, cards, etc, Hellenic Bank said.

The bank said it will inform all affected customers. The vast majority of customers will be informed via SMS or by telephone. A small number of customers that do not have any other contact details will be informed via mail.

“We would like to sincerely thank all those involved, whose efforts in the last few days have contributed towards finding a solution to the problem. More specifically, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the House of Representatives, the Financial Ombudsman and the former CCB officials,” Hellenic Bank concluded.

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