InsiderBusinessGlobal Danish chain JYSK (Yoosk) to open first store at Nicosia Mall

Global Danish chain JYSK (Yoosk) to open first store at Nicosia Mall

The first store of the most famous Danish chain of furniture, homeware and decoration, is coming soon to Cyprus, at the Nicosia Mall.

Its name is JYSK (Yoosk), and it is where Cypriot consumers will now be able to acquire everything for the home, in the renowned Scandinavian standards of quality. The famous JYSK (Yoosk) chain offers a full range of top-quality sleep products, furniture and home and garden accessories.

All JYSK (Yoosk) products embody the current philosophy and trends, which call for modern design, simplicity and quality.

The JYSK Group comprises more than 2,700 stores in over 51 countries globally, with an annual turnover of €3.58 billion. Since its founding in 1979, it has enjoyed steady and controlled growth, currently employing around 23,000 people.

It has also been appointed as Official Supplier of the Royal Danish Court, proudly displaying on its products ‘By Appointment to The Royal Danish Court’, a title given to companies who have done business with the Royal Danish Court for several years, and who are well-established, financially stable, and enjoy a good reputation.

The Scandinavian proposition in sleeping and living

 In the Danish language, the word JYSK refers to anything or anyone from the Jutland peninsula in Denmark. According to JYSK founder Lars Larsen, it is also associated with the concepts of modesty, meticulousness and honesty, three values he has faithfully aligned with. It also means reliability, as well as the principle that deals are always kept.

The full range of JYSK products will soon be available at the Nicosia Mall, as well as online at a later stage.




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