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George K. Konstantinou law firm: Member of registry of service providers for Cyprus Investment Programme

George K. Konstantinou Law Firm is authorised, by the Committee of Supervision and Control for the Cyprus Investment Programme to provide related services to investors. The committee consists of representatives from the Ministries of Finance and Interior and Invest Cyprus. It was established based on a Council of Ministers Decision, looking for improving further the Investment Programme.

The law firm’s registration number is 110 and is listed on the website of the committee. Only listed firms are able to represent investors and submit applications for Cyprus citizenship by investment, based on the provisions of the programme.

According to the Programme, a non-Cypriot investor who proceeds with certain type of investments and meets some other criteria may file an application with the Minister of Interior for Cypriot citizenship for him and his eligible family members. The applicants mainly need to purchase a permanently owned private residence for €500,000 (plus VAT if applicable) , which need to be retained for life. They also need to invest in other real estate projects for €1.5 million for residential properties or €2 million for commercial. They have also the option to invest 2 million in Cyprus companies or business or AIF or RAIF regulated by Cysec. The applicants need to have criminal record, a valid Schengen visa, and to provide a clear source of funds for the amounts which are about to be invested. The said investments need to be kept for five years.

On submission of the applications the applicants will receive a Cyprus permanent residency , which they need to hold for six months.

George K. Konstantinou Law firm was established 35 years ago and provides a wide range of legal services to local and international clients and may provide full services for the above matters.

The full details of the Cyprus Citizenship by investment programme are listed here.

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