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Fully funded entrepreneurship workshop opportunity

CIIM – Cyprus International Institute of Management is pleased in announcing requests for applications, for a unique opportunity of fully-funded training workshops in 5 different countries – Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, FYROM and Albania. These workshops will cover new innovative approaches to entrepreneurship and the funding will cover travel, accommodation expenses, and the cost of the workshops.

This opportunity has been deemed possible as CIIM is one of the 5 partners of the project entitled “Education for ideas, inventions and innovations for entrepreneurship – i3”. The project is within the context of the Balkan-Med Interreg and involves partners from five countries joining forces to create a model for entrepreneurship that will act as an inspiration for the intelligent and sustainable development with different themes relative to entrepreneurship.

CIIM’s role as a project partner, in addition to research and analysis of the above-mentioned fields, will also provide training workshops with the theme “Energy” on business innovation for select interns from the countries involved in the project.

More about the subjects to be covered:

  1. Environment: incl. innovative technologies for environmental protection, resource efficiency, climate change, etc. The development of the specialised training modules.
  2. Energy: incl. development of new and renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, etc. The development of the specialised training modules.
  3. IT: incl. introduction of integrated systems – hardware and software for the management of high-tech processes, artificial intelligence, innovative multimedia, etc. The development of the specialised training modules.
  4. Lifestyle: activities improving quality-of-life, leisure, health, etc. The development of the specialized training modules.
  5. Technology: incl. research and use of innovative technologies in production processes and sectors or in the household, which are not included in the above. The development of the specialised training modules.

The project will be applied in 3 main phases:

  • Research phase: analysing the thematic sector indicators in each of the 5 partner countries, and collaborating to create the platform for the knowledge transfer model (Ideas, Inventions, Innovation – i3)
  • Workshops: Using the model to train the candidates in each of the countries and their respective subjects.
  • Exhibition: Presenting all the findings of the partners, through model development, training, in addition to specialised themed presentations from each of the 5 topic sectors.

For more information: e: [email protected], Τ: 77772446,  Website press here

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