InsiderBusinessFuel sales bounce back following easing of lockdown

Fuel sales bounce back following easing of lockdown

Fuel sales returned to a recovery path in May when the easing of lockdown measures began in Cyprus.

According to data published by the Statistical Service of Cyprus (Cystat) in May total fuel sales accelerated by 57.9% compared with the previous month. Total sales amounted to 89,120 tonnes.

All fuel sales rose except apart from kerosene and liquified petroleum gases, Cystat said.

Sales from fuel stations in May have doubled over April amounting to 46,416 tonnes. Sales of gasoline unleaded 95 rose by 129% compared with the previous month while diesel Low Sulphur increased by 88.5%. Diesel sales reached the pre-covid crisis levels while gasoline unleaded 95 lagged behind pre-crisis levels.

The total stocks of petroleum products at the end of May 2020 fell by 15.5% compared to the end of the previous month.

According to Cystat, compared with May 2019, the total fuel sales marked a decrease of 33.4%. Gasoline sales declined by 35.6% and diesel low sulphur by 12.9%, as well as in the provisions of aviation kerosene by 95.4%.

Sales from fuel stations declined by 17.4% in May 2020 compared with the respective period of last year.


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