InsiderBusinessFirst phase of Mall of Cyprus expansion completed (pictures)

First phase of Mall of Cyprus expansion completed (pictures)

The first phase of the expansion of the Mall of Cyprus has been completed and starting from today visitors are able to enjoy its new spaces.

The expansion added an extra 6,000 m² to the Mall, 300 additional parking spaces in a total of four levels, as well as 15 new shops and six new restaurants.

A new, bigger food court will be located in the renovated area.

Two extra levels, a mezzanine and a first floor have been added to the existing basement and ground floor.

The circulation between levels will be very easy for cars, while pedestrians will be able to head to and from The Mall of Cyprus commercial areas, via staircases and lifts.

The second phase of the renovation will be completed in July 2019 with more stores and existing shops transferred in new venues.


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