InsiderBusinessEY tourism panel: 'Cyprus should adapt its product to younger generations'

EY tourism panel: ‘Cyprus should adapt its product to younger generations’

A panel comprising Savvas Perdios, Deputy Minister of Tourism, George Campanellas, Invest Cyprus-CIPA Director General, and Haris Loizides, President of the Cyprus Hotel Association discussed on Monday issues pertinent to Cyprus’ tourism sector in a Nicosia event organised by global advisory firm EY.

The speakers focused on the need for Cyprus to differentiate and adapt its tourist product to the evolving travellers’ profile, as younger generations with drastically different expectations join the market, and to use digital technologies to drive innovation and competitiveness in the industry.

Topics discussed included, among others, the identity and inspiration of future destinations, the role of IT platforms, intelligent hospitality, and the importance of the human resources function in the hospitality industry.

Charalambos Moyseos, Head of Technology Advisory Services at EY, said: “With tourism accounting for more than 20% of our GDP, we need to think hard on how Cyprus will evolve into a future destination, capable of meeting the demanding needs and expectations of the next generation of travellers.”

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