InsiderBusinessDP World Limassol workshop to empower women in the workplace

DP World Limassol workshop to empower women in the workplace

DP World Limassol is celebrating International Women’s Day by actively empowering women in the workplace. The company organised a one-day workshop where all DP World Limassol female employees had the opportunity to come together and share their views and thoughts about DP World Group’s vision with regards to empowering women in the port industry.

During the workshop, which was facilitated by HR Consultant Muriel Matta, DP World Limassol female employees shared their ideas and views with their colleagues and the Senior Management team on women empowerment and the importance of their role for the future of the port industry. Participants also discussed, among others, equal opportunities in the workplace, learning and development, gender diversity and inclusion, recruitment policy and strategy including cultural and market perceptions related to women doing traditional male jobs in a male dominated industry such as the port industry.

DP World Limassol General Manager, Charles Meaby said “We believe taking bold steps to build a diverse and inclusive workplace will lead to better ideas, stronger collaboration and a vibrant culture in support of our purpose. As an organisation, we have made a global commitment to increase the percentage of our workforce who are women, and we’re taking bold steps to accelerate our progress”.

Meaby explained “Gender parity is a shared responsibility. It’s going to take every one of us – men and women working side by side to achieve our mutual objective. On behalf of the management team, I would like to express how proud we are of the remarkable work conducted by all our employees, and on this occasion of International Women’s Day I wish to say particularly thank you to our female colleagues at DP World Limassol and reaffirm our commitment towards equal opportunities and gender parity. At DP World supporting gender parity is one way in which we’re working to create a diverse and inclusive culture thus we can continue to deliver smarter trade enabling solutions to meet our customers’ needs and challenges”.




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