InsiderBusinessDiscount village in the works in Kokkinotrimithia

Discount village in the works in Kokkinotrimithia

A public hearing on a proposal to build a “discount village” in Kokkinotrimithia will take place on March 8, Insider reported on Tuesday.

The planned “village” will contain 45 discount shops, 10 cafes/restaurants, an indoor playground, a parking lot and green spaces.

It will be constructed inside the industrial zone B1 in Kokkinotrimithia, 12 km outside Nicosia and 160 metres away from the Nicosia-Troodos highway.

It road will cover an area of 9,225 m2.

On March 8, at 10:30 am, interested parties will visit the site and then will meet in Kokkinotrimithia community council premises for the public hearing.

Public Hearings are open to all members of the public. Citizens who believe they might be affected by the proposed land use application, can may make a presentation at, or submit written comments during or prior to the public hearing.

The permit application for the construction of the discount village was submitted on August 23, 2017.

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