InsiderBusinessCyprus high-tech and Fintech companies donate €1m to support local hospitals

Cyprus high-tech and Fintech companies donate €1m to support local hospitals

A consortium of IT, software and Fintech companies have donate medical supplies and money to strengthen the preparedness of the Cyprus medical system to the threats posed by COVID-19.

The companies, including TheSoul Publishing, WiseBits, Easybrain, Embria, FunCorp, Haxus,, Nexters,,  and AdGuard Software teamed up with the government of the Republic of Cyprus, donating the amount of €1 million both to the government and to hospitals.

“Seeing what we saw in other countries, we could not have stayed on the sidelines and waited. We decided to act – our employees were sent to work from home before the government actions to the same effect were announced – and investment into the increase of medical system capacity seemed like the most reasonable thing to do”, said Andrey Fadeev, the CEO of Nexters.

The CEO of ECOMMBX and Director of ECOMMPAY, Michael C.G. Charalambides said: “During these perilous days that humanity is going through, we have to rely on two factors: research and development of the medical world and technology! Technology is already contributing via digital means to keep our youth in virtual classrooms, businesses open for online orders, online storage & hosting and programmers to develop live solutions; Ι would like to thank our generous business partners, who have come together, reinforcing the name of Cyprus on a global scale with internationally reputable IT solutions, programming and infrastructure and today supporting even more our community in days of need to save human lives!

“We might not all have been born in Cyprus, but Cyprus is our home, and in the face of a threat, we have no other option than to support the community we live in and to do our best to help medical professionals get Cyprus through this crisis. What I would like to emphasize is that every euro matters in this effort and I ask everyone who has something to help with to do so. Please use the bank account published by the govermnent [details below] to fund our common battle against COVID-19”, said Alexey Gubarev, the co-founder of Haxus and

The companies are open to increasing their involvement in COVID-19 mitigation further. Contributions to the government of Cyprus can be made by anyone, account information below.

General Government Account

Central Bank of Cyprus

Account Number: 6001010

IBAN: CY16 0010 0001 0000 0000 0600 1010

Swift (BIC) Code: CBCYCY2N



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