InsiderBusinessCypriot bank has properties on the market also in Greece

Cypriot bank has properties on the market also in Greece

The Real Estate Management Unit of Bank of Cyprus has put properties on the market including apartments, plots of land and offices also in Greece, and at ridiculously low prices, starting from €1, 000. These are mainly properties handed over by Piraeus Bank after its absorption of operations of Cypriot banks back in 2013.

These properties may have been part of the collateral for loans granted either to Cypriots who had property in Greece or to Greeks living in Cyprus or Greece. These properties are located all over Greece – from Athens and Salonika, to Serres, Lamia, Corfu and Aegina, according to daily ‘Phileleftheros’.

The same report also highlighted that among the properties that REMU has put up for sale in the wider area of ​​Attica are plots of land whose prices are exceptionally low.

All in all, the Greek land up for sale because of bad loans is varied. In the area of ​​Dionysos in Keratea 4 plots of land with an area of 285,29 sq. meters are getting sold at €1,000 each. A plot of land of 660 sq.m. in Messinia is sold at the price of € 1,200. An agricultural plot of 8,862.82 square meters in Karamoutsi Artas is sold at € 20,000. A plot of 1.950 sq. meters in Afidnes, Attica, is up for sale at € 5,600. A plot of land, 747,74 sq. meters in area and some 800 meters only away from the sea, in Koropi, Attica, is for sale at € 6,000. A plot of ​​land, 319.05 sq. meters in area  in Lagonissi, is getting sold at € 7,000. The Bank of Cyprus also has a plot of land in Aegina, 1,090.45 sq. meters in area, now on sale for €7,000. And a second plot of land in the island with an area of ​​1.071 sq. meters is now on sale for € 15,000.

Among the most expensive plots of land is one in New Faliro with an area of 176,91 square metres and with a sale price of € 400,000. As well as two plots of land at Kifissia, of 521,50 sq. metres and 994,50 square meters, respectively, up for sale at € 1,110,000.

Apartments in Athens

As for apartments in the capital of Athens, a first floor apartment of 51,30 sq. metres in Ilioupoli is sold at the price of € 55,000. A second floor apartment of 113,50 sq.m. in a three-storey building in Moschato is sold at €140,000. A three-storey maisonette with an area of ​​178.02 m2. at Megara, Attica, is available at € 165,000. A three-storey house (5 rooms, 2 bathrooms) with a basement, of a total area of 128,38 sq. metres  in Drosia, is sold at the price of € 175,000. An incomplete second-floor apartment at Nea Liossia, with an area of 87,78 sq. metres, is up for sale for €13,000. And a third-floor apartment (3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom) with an area of 87.07 square meters in Egaleo, Athens, is up for sale for €120.000.

Among the most expensive properties for sale is a two-storey house in Kifissia with 8 rooms, 5 bathrooms, a total area of 856,45 sq. metres, including a basement and a swimming pool, whose sale price is €1,200,000. Also, a two-storey maisonette with a basement, and a total area of ​​972 sq. metres in Thrakomakedones, Attica, is now sold by REMU at € 1,525,000.


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Altamira has put more properties on the market including plots of land, centrally located buildings and homes, Philelefteros reported on Friday.

It said the company, which manages the NPLs of the now defunct co-op, has some 3000 properties in its portfolio.

The real estate on sale includes a 4030 square metre piece of land 140 metres north of K-Cineplex in Strovolos for €1.8m.

Also on sale is an 8055 square metre plot near the American Heart Institute in Strovolos for €1.85m,  a four-storey apartment block on Aglandjia Avenue for €2.5m and a plot of land 350 south of the European University for €1.23m.

Altamira is also putting up for sale a five bedroom  house in Ayios Athanasios Limassol with a gym, sauna, swimming pool and roof garden for €2.72m.

Other properties on sale include a residential plot in Ayios Andreas, Limassol for €245,000, a commercial plot in the Sotira area of Larnaca for €318,000, a residential plot in Archangelos for €256,000 a residential plot in Strovolos for €434,000 and a three bedroom apartment in the Hilton Park area of Nicosia for €400,000.

In 2018 Altamira sold a total of 53 properties for a total of €90m as follows: 143 properties at €23m, 136 plots of land at €30m, 134 housing units at €14m, 58 shops at €8m, 14 industries at €6m and 46 other buildings at €10m.




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