InsiderBusinessCostas Markides delivers “Small Steps – Big Impact” lecture to BoC staff

Costas Markides delivers “Small Steps – Big Impact” lecture to BoC staff

Internationally acclaimed professor and best-selling Cypriot author Costas Markides was the keynote speaker last week at the launch of BoC’s Skills Accelerator programme.

The programme aims to arm staff with the knowledge and skills they need to stay at the top of their game amid the rapid advances in technology.

Dr Markides is a professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Chair of Strategic Leadership at the London Business School. He is the author of several articles and books on business and strategy, holds a PhD from Harvard Business School and is a well-known conference speaker across the world.

“Skills Accelerator”

Addressing a packed hall, and with his characteristic humour, Dr Markides explained to BoC staff the importance of the concept of “Small Steps – Big Impact” – in short, how the small steps taken by each individual can cumulatively bring about major change for all.

“We can no longer afford to distance ourselves from new technologies,” Markides told his audience. He advised those wishing to evolve professionally or those wishing to see their organisation evolve, to adopt small everyday changes easing the transition to the inevitable coming changes in technology as a result of digitisation.

“Refusing to change is not the solution,” he remarked. Citing examples from major corporations and the internet, Markides gave specific tips on how employees can acquire the skillsets required in the digital age.

“Easy, straightforward solutions for which we need set aside no more than one hour a week, or as long at it takes to enjoy a coffee,” he said. One way would be to take Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

“I am not asking you to climb Mount Everest. Rather, what I am suggesting is that you take small steps in changing the way you do things, which will enhance your skillset and arm you with the confidence and encouragement you will need to keep moving forward. Let us realise that, with relatively small effort, we are able to achieve a great deal; let us see change as an opportunity!” he said, receiving a warm applause.

Dr Markides’ lecture was the first in a series scheduled as part of the Skills Accelerator programme, which features instructional events such as talks by other distinguished speakers, as well as seminars and workshops on technology, expertise and future skills. Enhancing our staff’s knowledge and skills is an ongoing drive at Bank of Cyprus that is dynamically being implemented.

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