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Co-op probe committee begins document review

A committee set up to probe the collapse of the co-op said on Monday that it has sent requests for documents to a number of government agencies and individuals, and has already started taking receipt of documents submitted by the Central Bank.

In an official announcement, the three member committee said that it has sent out its requests for documents that these should be submitted by the end of month.

Requests have been sent to the Finance Minister, the governor of the Central Bank, the auditor general, the acting director of the House of Representatives, the secretary of the Council of Ministers, the Financial Commissioner, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Co-op Supervisory Service, the Chairman of the board of the Cyprus-Co-op Bank and the CEO of the CCB.

On Friday, letters were also sent to all the leaders of the parliamentary parties and independent MP Anna Theologou, asking them if they so wish to submit information or documents related to the investigation.

It added that the Central Bank submitted documents on Monday and that the committee will immediately begin examining them.

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