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Caramondani Group: One company, a living history

The Caramondani Group is a robust organisation with multi-faceted activities. This is neither a stroke of luck nor opportunist.

It carries a history of over six decades, set off almost in parallel with the modern history of our country, when Cyprus gained its independence in 1960.

The Group was launched in Famagusta in June 1959. Stavros and Yerasimos Caramondanis registered a Limited Partnership under the name Caramondani Bros Limited Partnership.

The Group is now run by Gerasimos Caramondanis children: Stavros Caramondanis as the CEO, Erina Caramondani being deputy CEO and Constandinos Caramondanis as an executive member.

Here is the full report:

(An academic recording that make history, supported by RCB)

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