InsiderBusinessC.A.PAPAELLINAS - 92 years of integrity, responsibility, innovation

C.A.PAPAELLINAS – 92 years of integrity, responsibility, innovation

The C.A.Papaellinas Group has run through nine decades of life, its roots going back to 1929. Today it has evolved into a multifaceted group, with a leading position in the health and beauty sectors.

The history of C.A.PAPAELLINAS sets off in 1929 when brothers Christakis, Costas and Yiorgos Papaellinas, along with their sister’s husband Yiorgos Drymiotis, begin a medicines import business.

1931 was a landmark for the company, as they launched cooperation with global pharmaceutical giant Sandoz Chemicals (today’s Novartis), followed by ventures with other major companies in the pharmaceutical industry, including Organon.

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