InsiderBusinessBounced cheques at €135,000 in July 

Bounced cheques at €135,000 in July 


The value of bounced cheques reached €135,817 in July of this year and €833,114 in the first seven months of 2018, according to provisional data released by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

The average value from the monthly records in the preliminary list for 2018 so far is €119,016.

In July, the number of bounced cheques which were recorded in the preliminary list was 71, while from the beginning of the year it is 494.

Legal persons recorded last month in the preliminary list were 17, while the same number of natural persons was also recorded, making the total number of persons 34.

According to the Central Bank’s data there were also 15 records of legal persons and 13 natural persons in the Central Information Registry for Issuers of Bounced cheques.

From the beginning of 2018 until today 59 legal and 70 natural persons have been included in the Registry.

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