InsiderBusinessBank of Cyprus trains staff on social media

Bank of Cyprus trains staff on social media

Digital communication is the future. Social networks have changed the way we communicate and interact with others. In Cyprus, the use of social media is substantial, with over 800,000 monthly active users on Facebook and almost 500,000 on Instagram, with 90% of the use being on mobile devices.

Bank of Cyprus, in cooperation with CyTA, successfully held presentations in Nicosia and Limassol within the framework of the Skills Accelerator Programme. The presentations focused on the development, usefulness and practical use of Social Media Networks.

The speakers presented topics on the digital revolution and the future of digital communication, and gave a retrospective development of communication and the impact of technology, the use of social networks in Cyprus, and the way they affect communication. Furthermore reference was made to the code of conduct for Social Networks.

Presentations were made by  Stephanos Stefanou and Nassia Agapiou from CyTA, and Stavros Kontaktsis, Senior Partner of Giraffes in the Kitchen, CyTA’s Social Media Consultant.

Stefanou referred to the digital revolution and the presence of CyTA on social networks.

Agapiou analysed CyTA’s Code of Conduct for social networks, emphasising the areas where one should pay attention in digital communication.

In his presentation Kontaktsis made a brief reference to the evolution of communication and the influence of technology, making reference to the use of Social Media in Cyprus and the way they affect communication. Finally, he analysed the need for flexibility and the need to create personalised solutions in order to survive in the new digital age.

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