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Apartments for all budgets

Low budget apartments starting from €58,000 but also ones at much higher prices are now up for sale all over Cyprus by either real estate agencies or through Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank and Altamira asset management agency. To check out various properties at various prices go to website set up by Phileleftheros.

It seems that prices for apartments and houses are not much different, depending on what one wants to buy and at which area. For example, one can buy either a house or an apartment for €150,000 depending on the area and size of property. In addition, one can pay up to €700,000 for an apartment when an urban area house goes for only €300,000 or less.

Bank of Cyprus Real Estate Management Unit (REMU) now has a one bedroom apartment in Strovolos for €60,000. Apartments in the ​​Lythrodontas and Pera Chorio areas range from €58,000 to €62,000. A studio in Agios Dometios goes for €65,000 and a one bedroom apartment in Strovolos for €89,000. A two-bedroom apartment in Lythrodontas is up for sale for €81,000. A two-bedroom apartment in Agios Antonios goes for €104,500.

A two-bedroom apartment in Lakatamia is for sale for €118,000, a two- bedroom apartment in Dali goes for €125,500, and a two-bedroom apartment in Engomi for €128,500. In Lakatamia, a three-bedroom goes for €130,000, a three-bedroom apartment in Strovolos for €131,500. And a three-bedroom apartment in Aglandjia for €148,000.

Hellenic Bank sells an apartment in Engomi for €78,000 and one in Strovolos for €80,000, while there is a second one that goes for €98,400. An apartment in Engomi goes for €104,000. Another one, in Agios Antonios area, goes for €95,000 and one in Ayioi Omologites for €89,000. Two apartments in Strovolos go for €120,000 and €119,000, respectively.

Based on a real estate agency websites survey, a 75 sq. metres  apartment in Yeri is sold for €155,000, and one in Engomi, of 52 sq. metres goes for €135,000. In ​​Acropolis area, a 120 sq. metres apartment is up for sale for €170.000.

Most of the apartments on the market are brand new, but there are also those that are older.

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