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Accelleron – a new, long-established turbocharging leader Technical innovation and excellence in turbocharging solutions for medium to large engines

Accelleron may be a new name in the world of marine turbocharging, but it is certainly not a new presence. We proudly continue the 117 years’ experience in manufacturing and maintaining turbochargers for medium-large engines that was established under our former identity, ABB Turbocharging.

A global leader in the manufacture and servicing of turbochargers for diesel and gas engines from 500 kW to over 80 MW, Accelleron is a name inspired by both acceleration and accelerated development of technologies for energy transformation. We are driven by a commitment to excel and provide customers with what they need to improve their business. Our key corporate ethos reflects this mission: “Together, we inspire, innovate and exceed expectations – setting industry benchmarks for the benefit of all.”

Our advanced turbocharging products and services offer unique value creation opportunities to our customers: An impressive turbine shaft power of 40 percent of engine power – at less than 8 percent of engine costs; 400 percent increase in engine output; 10 percent higher engine efficiency; up to 10 percent lower fuel consumption; and up to 60 percent lower NOx emissions. And all achievable under even the most demanding operating conditions.

Accelleron’s superior solutions cover the entire life cycle of our customers’ engines and reflect our intense focus on sustainability, reliability, efficiency, operational flexibility, uptime, life cycle cost, and, of course, safety. And with space onboard a vessel limited, we are proud to offer the most compact turbocharging products on the market.

Where an off-the-shelf product does not quite fit the job a diesel or gas engine builder or end user has in mind, we offer customized turbocharging solutions so our clients can comfortably maximize performance and safety over their engines’ lifetime.

Our service offerings take full advantage of the benefits offered by digitalization. For example, when a customer wants deeper insights into the performance of their engine, Accelleron’s comprehensive Tekomar XPERT marine all-in-one software solution provides the answer. Tekomar XPERT marine gives clear analytics of engine performance, emissions and hull efficiency. The operator can optimize fuel efficiency and engine performance with instant engine diagnostics and informed advisories that are delivered automatically throughout every voyage. With Tekomar XPERT marine, environmental compliance can easily be managed, and reported on automatically and the operator can rest assured that all engines are running in the most efficient regime. All in real time.

Our digital solutions do not stop there: Accelleron’s Turbo SmartCare is a data-enabled service agreement tailored to a customer’s specific medium-speed, four-stroke engine turbochargers. This intelligent product shares remote insights from our technical experts and provides optimized maintenance advisories based on actual operational data. Turbo SmartCare delivers guaranteed peace-of mind by relieving the vessel operator of any concerns relating to turbocharger maintenance so they can get on with their main business of shipping.

The significant savings in fuel consumption offered by Accelleron’s turbocharging product palette are doubly welcome in these times of unpredictable fuel price and availability. Ever-tighter IMO and national emission regulations also underline the importance of energy-efficient propulsion – the goal is to reduce total annual GHG emissions from international shipping by at least 50 percent by 2050 compared to 2008. Only the very best in turbocharger technology can support these aims.

Should an issue ever arise with any of our products, help is at hand. With service stations in 50+ countries providing wide-ranging support and access to OEM-trained technicians and original parts anytime, anywhere, Accelleron provides customers with local presence and prompt assistance when they need it, where they need it. No matter where on the world’s oceans or in which port a vessel finds itself, one of our over 100 service stations will not be too far away.

Our customers rely on us not only to provide flexible technology and reliable servicing on a global scale today but also to drive the innovation of tomorrow. Accelleron strives to continually deliver a steady stream of leading-edge technology and market-segment-specific solutions that add substantial value to our customers’ business. With long-term customer relations at the heart of our business strategy, our key drivers are our customers’ needs and how we can best serve them with our deep turbocharging knowledge and extensive set of products.


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