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Index for agricultural labour productivity in Cyprus rises

The index for agricultural labour productivity is estimated to have increased slightly for the EU in 2019 (+2%) compared to 2018, according to Eurostat.

In Cyprus the increase was 1.8% and in Greece 7.6%.

The labour productivity in agricultural industry can be measured as factor income expressed per full-time labour equivalent.

It is a measure of the net value added by the equivalent of each full-time worker in the agricultural industry and it is measured in real terms (adjusted for inflation) and expressed as an index (so-called Indicator A).

Therefore, the development of this index is influenced by the real income generated in agriculture and/or the changes in labour, Eurostat said.

After a decline in 2018, a majority of Member States recorded rises in this index of agricultural income in 2019.

The highest rates of increases were reported for Denmark (+68%), followed by Estonia (+38%), Germany (+32%), Sweden (+28%) and Lithuania (+27%).

On the other hand, three of the large countries which contribute almost half of the EU factor income reported decreases: Spain (-10%), France (-8%) and Italy (-3%).

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