in-cyprus"Your favourite Disney Songs" in Nicosia & Paphos on November 26/27

“Your favourite Disney Songs” in Nicosia & Paphos on November 26/27

The unique international girls’ choir “Midnight girls’ choir”, created in Cyprus under the direction of the famous opera singer Anastasia Maximova, will perform a new long-awaited show Favorite Songs from Disney.

The girls will be dressed as the most popular Disney princesses and will perform the most famous songs from the Disney movies and cartoons, you will see some unique vivid fragments of your favorite fairy tales on a big screen placed right on stage.

Seeing a character from a Disney cartoon is the dream of any child!

Midnight girls’ choir has been loved by the Cypriot audience for its skill, high level of performance and amazing voices for a long time. The girls performed in all Cypriot theaters, took part in many show programs, with great success. This year in May they had their first solo performances in Nicosia and Paphos.

The concerts are supported by the Russian Center for Science and Culture in the Republic of Cyprus and the Rainbow in Cyprus Children’s Charitable Foundation.

Paphos: Saturday, November 26 at 7 pm at Markideio Theatre
Nicosia: Sunday, November 27 at 7 pm at the Russian Center for Science and Culture
Reservations & Info 
Tickets: €20 Adults | €10 Kids under 12 years old
Duration: 70′ without breaks
Ages: 0+
Language: English (with Russian Subtitles)


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