Whats OnConcertsTrio Rondine concert at Cafe Prozak on May 11

Trio Rondine concert at Cafe Prozak on May 11

Like swallows, Trio Rondine explores the corners of the world, starting from Greece and flying off to the distant shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Each stop is a song from a different tradition these migratory birds visit. And as their long journey continues, tradition meets contemporary songwriting and film music, leading them back to their homeland with a collection of songs to lullabies.

Trio Rondine’s repertoire includes traditional and modern songs from the Mediterranean region, along with well-known music themes from classic films. Their voices are accompanied by a mandolin, a guitar and an accordion.
Trio Rondine are:
Pavlina Konstantopoulou: Guitar / Voice
Andreas Papapetrou: Accordion / Piano / Voice
Maria Zannetou: Mandolin
Entrance fee €8
Current public health protocols apply
When Wednesday, May 11 at 8:30 pm
Where Cafe Prozak, Nicosia
Location 3A Medondos Str. 1060 Nicosia
Ticket €5
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