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To the Heart of Seferis’ Poetry

The Greek composer and musician Stathis Anninos is joined by members of THEPAK on a journey to the heart of Seferis’ poetry.
The performance features poems of the Greek Nobel Prize winner George Seferis presented along with eerie improvisations, sounds and music by Bach, Satie, Radiohead, and others, thus creating impressive poetic soundscapes.
The event marks the 50 years since the death of George Seferis.
Concept, selection of musical pieces, piano: Stathis Anninos
Narration: Christina Pieri, Stavros Aroditis, Myria Hadjimattheou, Gregoris Papagregoriou and Michalis Pieris.
When Sunday, July 11 at 8.30pm
Reservations 22894531

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