in-cyprus"The Women" by the Russian Theatre at Rialto on September 22

“The Women” by the Russian Theatre at Rialto on September 22

The play is based on a 1936 play by Clare Boothe Luce called “The Women”. Secrets, gossip, and intrigues – are an integral part of any female society. Some topics provide endless inspiration for books, movies, songs, and theatre plays. We focused on two of them – marriage and female friendship. What value these have in modern society? Is friendship stronger than love?

The story of how an ungrateful husband chose an extravagant young lady over his respectable wife is as old as the world, but despite this, Claire Booth Luce’s comedy is fun, refreshing and naturally authentic.  Firstly, because you can recognize yourself or your closest friend in each of the 10 female characters. Secondly, despite all the suffering, tears and injustice that the main character Mary has to go through, she will still emerge victorious from the unfortunate plot – the insidious rival will be defeated, the friends will receive what they deserve, and the husband will return to the family. Or won’t return?! This you will find out at the very end!

There are men in this “melodramatic show” too, but they are all behind the scenes and… in the hearts of the loving women.

Director: Tikolenko Stasy

• Katasonova Olga
• Filatova Mila
• Cemodanova Vera
• Mussina Viktoria
• Razina Liubov
• Razina Marianna
• Efremova Maria
• Efremova Veronika
• Koricneva Elena
• Ktavciuk  Alina
• Vertova Julia

Sound director: Stratulat Daniela

Corps de ballet ~ 8 persons

We are going to perform on behalf of the Russian Art Theatre of Cyprus.

When Wednesday, September 22 at 7pm

Where Rialto Theatre



Tickets: €30 /€25 (Supporter & Student)

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