in-cyprus"The Ecology of Coexistence and Conflict": webinar on February 23

“The Ecology of Coexistence and Conflict”: webinar on February 23

“Histories of bahces” and Avli invite you to attend the webinar “The Ecology of Coexistence and Conflict”
In what ways does this legacy of colonial domination and inter-ethnic division continue to impact environmental politics in Cyprus? How might contemporary activists benefit from the insights of environmental history as they become increasingly embroiled in struggles over the protection of natural habitats across the island?
In this episode of the bαhçές Histories* of Cyprus, organized in collaboration with Avli, Dr Loizos Kapsalis is joined by Dr. Irene Dietzel (University of Potsdam, Germany) to discuss Cypriots’ changing ideas about, and attitudes towards, the natural world, and how these are linked to broader social, political and cultural transformations since the end of the nineteenth century. We look at the legacy of British colonialism on Cypriots’ relationship with the land, water, and forests, and think about how opposing nationalisms, modernization efforts, and rapid economic development in the post-independence era have contributed to the erosion of the traditional environmental culture shared by the island’s communities.
Dr Irene Dietzel and Dr Loizos Kapsalis
The webinar will be hosted in English (with closed captions) and will later be uploaded on website
Bios of the speakers:
Dr Irene Dietzel is a lecturer at the Institute for Life Design – Ethics and Religious Studies at the University of Potsdam in Berlin, where she teaches courses in Philosophy and Religious Studies. Her research interests include religion and environmental ethics, cultural Mediterranean studies and the teaching of Anthropology and Ethnography to secondary school students. Her PhD thesis, completed at the University of Erfurt, was published in 2014 by De Gruyter as “The Ecology of Coexistence and Conflict in Cyprus: Exploring the Religion, Nature and Culture of a Mediterranean Island.”
Dr Loizos Kapsalis is a social and cultural historian of Cyprus, specializing in the history of gender, sexuality and nationalism. He is currently Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Education, Communication and Society at King’s College London and Scientific Collaborator at the European University Cyprus. His research looks at the transformation of Cypriot society during the late Tanzimat and early British period (1860-1914) and the impact of social reform projects on culture and identity. He is a founding editor of the bαhçές Histories* of Cyprus.
Bαhçές Histories* of Cyprus is an indie webinar series that highlights fresh and exciting work related to the social, cultural and political histories of Cyprus. Each month our editors discuss with academics, scholars and artists about their research and writing, followed by a Q&A session with the audience.
Avli is an online platform that focuses on the intersections between peace and the environment. It is a gathering point and a resource for anyone interested in transforming Cyprus into a peaceful and sustainable island, through environmental peacebuilding.
When Wednesday, February 23 8 pm – 9.30 pm
Where Online
Zoom link
Instagram: @historiesofbahces

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