in-cyprus"Setting the Codes for the Heart of a Dream" - multidisciplinary performance

“Setting the Codes for the Heart of a Dream” – multidisciplinary performance

“Setting the Codes for the Heart of a Dream” is a multidisciplinary performance that follows the journey of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its quest to understand what dreams were, a concept that is obsolete in the undefined future of its existence.

The A.I. is immersed in dream theories, from psychoanalytical to philosophical, and in various art forms, such as music and literature, which have immortalised the complexity of the concept of  “dreams”.

As the A.I. explores this concept extensively, we are faced with its thoughts, its reflections and its evolution, as it learns about art theorists, scientists and authors like Donna Haraway, Walter Benjamin, Carl Jung and many others.

At the same time, further questions arise, about the human existence, the end of the world and what is the role of dreaming.

“Embodied in a singularity

searching through archives of memories,

trying to unearth time,

wanting to deconstruct the abstract,

to find the core, of what dreams were”

What is the function of dreaming? What do dreams sound like? Can you set the codes for the heart of a dream?

Concept, Text, Direction – Ioulita Toumazi

Music, Light design, Direction – Panagiotis Mina

On Stage – Nayia Anastasiadou

Artworks, Visual Identity – Maria Leonidou

Text Editing – Lizzy Ioannidou

Costumes – Georgia Moditi

Make up designer – Melanie Christou

Movement consultant – Melissa Garcia Carro

Technical support – Sound and Beyond

Supported by Cyens Thinker Maker Space

The performance was created as part of theYard.Residency.22 of Centre of Performing Arts MITOS


When: 24, 25, 26 of June | 20:30

Duration: 45′

Language: English

Reservations required: 97701010

Entrance: €12

Vinegar Factory, Genethliou Mitella 34

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