in-cyprusReports: Concern in Paphos over drunk tourists

Reports: Concern in Paphos over drunk tourists

Tourism stakeholders in Paphos are concerned about the damage drunk tourists may cause to their town as a tourist destination.

The latest incident occurred over the weekend, when a a foreign tourist broke a TV at a local pub. He was later arrested at Paphos airport.

Tourism stakeholders told Phileleftheros newspaper that for decades Paphos has enjoyed a good reputation among visitors, free of brawls and public disturbance.

They said that even though the handful of incidents in recent months were isolated, they sent a bad message to tourist operators and potential visitors, and therefore needed to be tackled at their root.

The newspaper also reported on an incident where drunk tourists had created a disturbance in a hotel, prompting staff to call the police. In another instance, a tourist first caused a disturbance in a hotel and then went to the parking where he damaged the cars.

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