in-cyprusRed alert from Cyprus forestry department

Red alert from Cyprus forestry department


The Forestry Department on Tuesday issued a red alert, warning of the risk of forest fires because of extremely high temperatures.

It also urged the public to be cooperative and avoid any actions or activities that may start a fire.

It stressed that the burning of grass, branches and refuse was prohibited, while the use of  equipment that create sparks should be avoided. Special attention should be paid to exhaust fumes from electricity generators and water pumps in the countryside.

Anyone who sees smoke or fire near or in a forest is urged to immediately contact the forestry department (1407) or the fire service (112).

It said that given that 85% of forest fires are the result of human activity, it said it would be strictly implementing the law. Penalties have recently been increased from five to 10 years in prison and /or a fine €50,000, double the previous €25,000.

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