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President says has full confidence in finance minister

President Nicos Anastasiades said on Monday that he has full confidence in Finance Minister Harris Georgiades who he said bore no responsibility for the plight of the co-op.

In a written statement commenting on demands from Opposition parties that the minister resign, Anastasiades said that though he respects the views of the Opposition, this did not mean he accepted them.

He said that although the minister had offered his resignation, he did not believe he should accept it as the co-op’s problems  were not created by or due to the minister’s political decisions.

“Harris Georgiades enjoys my full confidence as a result of his correct handling of the economic crisis which had brought the country from the brink of destruction to a steady course and sustainable growth with balanced and surplus budgets,” the president said.

In  a separate statement, the president expressed satisfaction at the responsible stance of DISY and opposition parties, with special thanks going to DIKO for their positive contribution to formulating the legislation to deal with the problem of NPLs and the protection of vulnerable groups.

He also thanked EDEK and ELAM for giving a positive vote for the state guarantees to Hellenic Bank.

“Finally I would like to express my respect to all those who disagreed and the criticism voiced, but will avoid any reply so as not to influence in any way the committee of inquiry appointed by the attorney general of the Republic,” he said.

Earlier on Monday, Georgiades said he had offered his resignation to the president and it was up to him to decide whether he should leave or not. Opposition party DIKO, whose votes were crucial to approval in parliament of the Hellenic Bank guarantees for its deal with co-op and the tougher NPLs framework, reiterated on Monday that Georgiades and other high ranking officials should step down because of their mishandling of the co-op.

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