InsiderBusinessOlympic Residence turns 10 looking fresher than ever

Olympic Residence turns 10 looking fresher than ever

Olympic Residence which introduced new luxury standards in Limassol turned 10 this year but looks fresher than ever due to constant upgrades and maintenance.

The current state of the two impressive towers is amazing, thanks to the management team of M.G. Olympic Residences Management Limited and the Services company Towers Condo Services Ltd.

“All these upgrades and maintenance works are carried out constantly,” says Managing Director Demetris Tsangaras.

“Substantially, when one enters the Residence won’t believe it is a 10-year-old building because its condition is immaculate. Not to mention that customer satisfaction of those who rent out apartments is superb,” he adds.

“Not all but many of the apartments are rented out and   are rated very high, as high as five-star super luxury hotels,” he also says.

The apartments and penthouses are equipped with all the latest conveniences and built to the world’s highest standards of design and construction.

But it is the advanced round-the-clock control and service by the management that handles all matters of maintenance, security and services that makes the difference.

“Maintenance includes the gardens, pools – two outdoors, one indoor and a built -in elevated jacuzzi – plus the covered children’s pool and the one indoors which is heated. Along with the spa which is fantastic and the hair salon which also provides manicure and pedicure services,” Tsangaras says.

“As for Como restaurant on the ground floor, it now has a new concept and provides live music and live events four times a week. Plus, it has been renovated and became more modern and more colourful. The menu is also new.”

Regarding the gym, new staff have been hired and all equipment are upgraded. Also new and upgraded are the  sunbeds at all pool areas. And marble floors in all common areas have been crystallized.

In addition, the public parking entrance has been upgraded, along with the building’s two grand receptions. And background music has been installed where the parking spots of owners are located.

Olympic Residence is accredited with ISO high quality management standards and this is not coincidental.

Even higher safety and health standards applied during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic.

All health and safety measures in effect were fully enforced at the Residence with the management team constantly monitoring developments and updating the owners and other residents.

“The residents here had the feeling their lives were almost normal, even during the lockdowns, because they were privileged enough to be able to still use common and garden areas,” Tsangaras says.

“Plus they still had room service and house-keeping and it was something which made them feel almost nothing had changed, you couldn’t get that feeling anywhere else,” he adds.




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