in-cyprusNumber of accidents skyrockets in 2020

Number of accidents skyrockets in 2020

While one would expect that due to the pandemic and the lockdown traffic accidents would have been reduced, this has not been the case.

As Iasonas Senekis, road safety expert at the Justice Ministry said, concern, isolation and nervousness have been transferred to the streets and are expressed as careless driving, violation of speed limit, illegal overtaking and so forth. All these combined with the sometimes consumption of alcohol make driving very dangerous.

Officials now hope that with the new fines and the cameras that will be installed in the streets, things will improve. However, the number of road violations for the numbers of October and November rose to 31,000.

The government has prepared a new Strategic Plan for the period 2021-2030 that has been recently approved by the Road Safety Council.

Moreover he said that the government has also focused on training private companies to enlighten and inform professional drivers in an effort to improve the situation in the streets.


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