in-cyprusNigerian and Cypriot wife arrested over 'marriage' fraud

Nigerian and Cypriot wife arrested over ‘marriage’ fraud

A couple were arrested on Wednesday in connection with the alleged defrauding of a 63 year old Paphos teacher who sent 117,000 euro to man who told her he was a British doctor and whom she hoped to marry.

The new arrests — of a 35 year old Nigerian resident of Cyprus and his 25 year old Cypriot wife  — followed the arrest  last week of a 60 year old Cypriot from Nicosia.

The case dates back to July when the victim reported to police that a man she had met on social media and who said he was a doctor working with the UN in Syria had managed to  convince her to deposit 117,000 for him under various pretexts.

The money was deposited in the account of the elderly mother of the 60 year old man which he managed. He is reported to have told police that he had acted at the instructions of the Nigerian, who gave him a cut.

The Nigerian is expected to appear in court on Thursday to be remanded in custody while his wife is expected to be released as she does not appear to be involved in the case.

The teacher had said that she had met the ‘doctor’ on Facebook two years ago. Paphos police found the woman’s money deposited in three accounts — one belonging to a 60 year old man from Nicosia, the other to a woman from Nicosia and a third to a woman from Larnaca.

The teacher had told police she had deposited the money in three accounts at the instructions of the man she met on Facebook and who she said had threatened her when she started asking questions.

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