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Nicosie BlaBla Language Exchange – Online every Wednesday

Created in 2016 by Florian Z. (French), in Hanoi (Vietnam), the BlaBla Language Exchange community first proposed meetings only for French speakers.

​Thanks to the kindness of some of the members who have greatly helped the development of BlaBla events by regularly managing their language groups, BlaBla has succeeded in becoming the most important language group in Hanoi, and later in Saigon. Back in France, the challenge to spread the name “BlaBla Exchange” was launched.

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Today with more than 200 organizers worldwide, the BlaBla Language Exchange adventure continues to surprise us every day.

BlaBla Philosophy​

BlaBla Language Exchange community aims to organize language exchange events, to allow cultural exchanges between local communities and expatriates from a same city.

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They want everyone to be able to fairly benefit from the opportunities given to meet new people and to be able to progress in language, whatever the age and financial means of our participants. Our events are therefore free for all.
​BlaBla goal is to offer BlaBla Language Exchange events in as many cities as possible, in order to create a strong international community, encourage community mixing and figh

How BlaBla events work
1. Register on BlaBla website (click on the link to get a free ticket)
2. Open your email
3. Click on the link
4. Choose the language table that interests you.
5. Start talking with people around the world.

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The organisers do not necessarily offer organizers for all languages, they only offer a meeting platform at set times.

By participating in BlaBla events, you agree to be photographed and/or filmed. The photos and videos will be shared on the social networks and may be used for commercial purposes. You can also post your own photos with the #BlaBlaLanguageExchange HTag


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